• Christine Ayala

Our God is AH-MAZ-ING

There is no language that can describe the wonders He performs. He took our deceitful, sinful hearts and exchanged them for new hearts that are soft and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

He listens to every prayer we utter and He cares about every hair on our heads - even if you’re bald! He sets plans in motion that are beyond our comprehension, plans for our futures and our callings. His orchestration of our lives, of humanity and of the heavens is astounding - and we are His precious children and He loves us with all the depth and width and height of His vast creation. Praise the lord today, worship Him in your hearts today. #awesomegod #amazinggod #praisethelors #worship #goodgoodfather #christianliving #godlovesyou #godholdsmyfuture #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional


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