• Christine Ayala

Making a Difference

If there is an injustice, issue, or situation that causes pain in your spirit, I believe it’s there for a reason. That kind of ache is a call to action from God. Don’t forget, He has called you and chosen you to DO things — things He has planned for you to do from the beginning of time. this ache means it’s time to DO something.

At first, (and maybe for a very long time) it might be to pray fervently and specifically. It may require creativity or risk to step out, speak up, serve and then, to go the extra mile. It might cause inconvenience or sacrifice, but you need to answer this call to action. It’s exactly how Jesus operated and He told us to follow Him and His example. So stop looking the other way, when you can help then #justdoit

@chipgaines wrote a devotional about being “uncomfortably kind” from his book “No Pain, No Gaines.” That’s where this quote came from.

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