• Christine Ayala


Do you remember being out somewhere, a restaurant, grocery store, park, church... anywhere, really - and you witnessed a child testing the limits of his or her parent, or being defiant or downright rebellious? Sometimes the parent shows firm grace, teaching the child but not allowing the bad behavior. Sometimes the parent is harsh and stops the behavior in some manner. Sometimes the parent lets the child continue in and acts like it’s ok, doing nothing to teach the child.

We are God’s children and He is always a good Father. He is the one who gives us grace and teaches us - IF we listen. Otherwise we run off and do our own thing and the world teaches us the hard way. No matter how smart, successful, or talented someone may be, we are all still children of God and we all need our Daddy to teach us. #listentohisvoice #goodgoodfather #godlovesyou #childofgod #discipleship #humility #justdoit #prayer #readthebible #shalom #onespiritonechurch #dailydevotional

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