• Christine Ayala

Got Patience?

Are you a person who is considered patient by others? Do you admire someone for their patience? There’s an off-handed, churchy compliment for someone - “they have the patience of Job.” Does anyone ever say that about you?

I’m thankful beyond measure that The Lord IS patient, and He waits for us to “get it” (whatever it is for you), even for years and years. He doesn’t keep track of our failures, He doesn’t waver in His love and He keeps on forgiving us. The first attribute of love listed in 1 Corinthians 13 is that love is patient... and John tells us the God is love. God will keep all of His promises when we are ready to receive them - we just need to walk His path and make it our own.

“God does not want to bless us for doing what we want, but God does want to bless us for doing what He wants.” @markdriscoll

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